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4 Proven Pinterest Tactics That Can Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

4 Proven Pinterest Tactics That Can Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

For those of you who haven’t heard or know about the fan following that Pinterest has, here’s a little background. Pinterest is a free website where users can upload, save, sort as well as manage their images and other media content through ‘pins’ by saving them on ‘boards.’ As of 2018, Pinterest has reached a consumer base of more than 250 million. Pinterest serves as the perfect browsing platform for potential buyers to discover and save products to buy in the future.

Pinterest also acts as a ground for research, learning and shopping. Users are more likely to spend more after viewing a promotion on the internet and this makes platforms like Pinterest a dream for marketers to target different points of the buying process. Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers that a business can dig into to get subscriptions as well as sales.

Your First Impression Is The One That Lasts: It is essential to create a profile that attracts the right kind of audience. On Pinterest, this can be done by setting up a display photo as well as bio to provide information about your products. By converting your Pinterest account into a business account, you can make use of the in-built Pinterest Analytics which can help you target your niche market. It is important to create a business account to understand the type of content you need to market for your buyers which can drive traffic on your social media platforms.

Let SEO Do Most Of Your Work: A number of people would rather search on Pinterest than other popular search engines which is why Pinterest is now known as the new Google for images. By using SEO tools ensure that your content is relevant & is rich with keywords, so that your profile is more likely to be re-pinned which can drive traffic on your website.

Two Is Better Than One: An important tip for increasing your traffic on Pinterest is to join group boards. When you pin your pins to a group board, you are basically collaborating with similar pinners. The pinners in the group are more likely to re-pin your items because they are your target audience. This will not only drive more traffic but also increase your followers. But you must only join group boards that are relevant to your niche.

Be A Frequent Member: In order to make Pinterest work in your favour, remember to pin every day. It is good to pin at least 50-70 times a day, considering that 5-10% of that content is your own. With a large number of pins, the frequency of getting re-pins and followers increases automatically. This can help optimize your search analytics through Pinterest.

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