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5 Digital Marketing Trends That You Can’t Afford To Ignore In 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends That You Can’t Afford To Ignore In 2019

When people say that they miss the good old days they don’t realize that it’s not the days that are old, it’s them. Just like in the field of fashion, it has become increasingly important to follow the trends in the field of digital marketing. As the year is coming to a close, it remains to see what the year 2019 has up its sleeves for all the marketers out there. This article will give you an insight into how you can skyrocket your digital marketing campaign in the upcoming year. So, keeping in mind the ever evolving updates in the tech-world, here are 5 digital marketing trends that you can’t afford to ignore in 2019:

  • Voice Search Will Dictate The Internet:

In this tech-driven world, people find it easier to ask Siri about the timings of a movie show rather than manually typing in the query. According to Google, 20% of all the mobile queries are voice searches. Furthermore, Klick estimates that by the year 2020, 30% of the web browsing will be done without touching the screen. This is due to the advances in the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are catching up with human-level smartness. The day is not far when instead of your mom, Siri will nag at you for using too much mobile phone (Ironic, isn’t it?).

However, one must keep in mind that voice search is quite different from the typical text search.

When you open Google in browser and search a query it gives you hundreds of pages of results. But if you ask the same question to a voice assistant, it will only give you a few results. More often, it will only give you one result, the top result.

You don’t want to listen to your voice assistant go on blabbering about those obsolete results, but you also want to rank in the top results. So, you definitely need to put up some work. It is, therefore, necessary to tailor your SEO strategy for voice search in 2019. You can start out by focusing on incorporating long-tailed keywords i.e. keywords that are more conversational and less like written terms, in your SEO strategy.

With increasing use of smart speakers it is safe to assume that those speakers will soon feature paid ads. This is an indication of the fact that you will be able to buy space for voice ads – like Google AdWords, but for home speakers.

Alexa, how far is California from London?”

“The distance between California and London is 5,318 miles. You might as well visit the Doritos store and try the Spicy Nacho Tortilla Chips while you visit there.”


  • Video Will Still Be The King:

Statistics show that video is the most effective medium of digital marketing and it will continue its reign in 2019. This makes sense because the average attention span of customers is pretty short. They would rather watch a video demonstrating a specific product than read a blog post about it. In the family of digital marketing, “Video” is that pampered kid who is everybody’s favorite and gets a lot of gifts.

What makes video an effective instrument is that it provides the marketers a platform to blend entertainment with information. Thus, businesses can engage their customers and highlight their USPs both at the same time.

The application of live video is on the rise with businesses using it for live demonstrations of their products, behind the scenes, interviews, etc. The story-telling aspect of a video helps connect customers with the brand on an emotional level which ultimately increases brand loyalty.

The benefits of incorporating video in your marketing strategy are evident and clear. Studies indicate that 98% users say that they have watched a video to know more about a product or service . Thus, videos can effectively increase brand awareness. According to Hubspot, using the word ‘video’ in an Email subject line boosts the open rates by 19% and the CTR by 65% . Video marketing also impacts conversion rate significantly. Research shows that 74% of users who watched an explainer video of a product ultimately purchased it .

Since the average attention span of the users is on a decreasing trail, they are eager to gather more and more information in the least time as possible. The Stories feature, that is available on the social networking websites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp has gained huge popularity among the users because it enables them to collect information in considerably short span of time. Stories can be used to display a snippet or a preview of the main video which helps the marketers to garner maximum possible views.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly open the recorders of your minds and start recording all the video marketing strategies.


  • Chatbots Are Here To Do The Talking:

Don’t you feel special when someone texts you back instantly and makes you their first priority? Well, that’s what the purpose of a chatbot is. There has been quite a buzz around chatbots over the past 2 years and it just keeps on getting bigger while going into 2019. These AI based conversational agents use instant messaging to interact with the customers in real-time, on social media or on websites, at CUSTOMERS’ CONVENIENCE.  One of the main factors that contribute towards the popularity of chatbots is that they are quicker than humans in responding. To add to that, they have their own personalities, a sense of humor and they offer personalized experience to any user, any time. It is always fun when someone replies to your sarcasm with sarcasm, isn’t it?

Grand View Research revealed that global chatbot market is reaching $1.2 billion with annual growth rate . It is also estimated that in the next 5 years, about 80% of the business communications will take place through these conversational agents.

Over time, these chatbots collect and remember personalized data of a specific customer which can be used to tailor further advertising campaigns.

The example of Domino’s is worth mentioning here. Domino’s has its chatbot on Facebook Messenger named Dom, with the help of which customers can directly order a pizza without having to login to Domino’s website.


  • Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Smarter:

Artificial Intelligence is a unique blend of technologies like predictive analysis and machine learning. AI can take customer personalization to next level. Put in simple words, AI can study consumer behavior and search patterns by utilizing the data available from social media websites or other activity by the user on the internet. This helps business to optimize their strategies accordingly.

According to a report by Tech Republic, 61% of business implemented AI in 2017 as compared to 38% in 2016. The growth is evidently rapid and will continue to take place in 2019.

An interesting example of execution of AI is Spotify. It uses AI and deep learning to provide recommendations to its users based on their previous experience.


  • Influencers Hold The Key To The Door Of Sales:

Every kid knows: “Boost is the secret of my energy.” This is because their favorite cricketer, Virat Kohli, endorses the brand. This exactly is the reason celebrities like him are called ‘Influencers’. In order for people to buy your products they first need to recognize your brand and influencer marketing is an effective tool that can be used to reach a wider spectrum of audience.

“But, but, we don’t have the budget!”

Well, influencer marketing is a huge industry in itself. Influencers can be anyone – from celebrities and Instagram or YouTube stars to well-known bloggers or journalists who can spread the word around about your business.

Digital Marketing Institute states that 49% of the consumers depend on influencer recommendations for certain products. 40% of them even purchased those products after seeing them Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

The results of this medium of marketing are so incredible that 67% of marketers are planning to increase their budgets in the next 12 months on influencer marketing, particularly on Instagram.

Worth just $2 Billion in 2017, the industry is set to reach $10 Billion by 2020 as the industry witnesses more growth and becomes a more effective marketplace.

These individuals have such a strong emotional connect with their followers that they can bulldoze their followers into buying the products they’re endorsing. Put up in simple words, they can convince your kids to do as simple a task as that of drinking milk.

With all these trends that you can cash in on, do let us know which medium are you looking forward to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy. Also, if you’ve half a mind about your digital marketing campaigns, then Digital Upstarts is here to blow all your confusions away. Digital Upstarts is set to join hands with you and help evolve your digital presence in 2019.

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