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7 Quick Hacks for App Store Optimization

7 Quick Hacks for App Store Optimization

In a world that is dominated by applications on smartphones and tablets, and even computers, it is difficult to stand out amongst competitors. It is even more complicated to get your app to be noticed as a developer and to get it rank high as a marketer. The solution to these problems is App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is very similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps marketers to get their web pages to rank high in search results while app developers must use ASO to get their app to the top search results. By using the right techniques, you can ensure that your app is viewed by more people and hence get more downloads. Here are 7 steps to get your ASO started:

Titles Are Important: Names carry a lot of importance especially when you’re talking about what your app is going to be called. A good name must be descriptive and must immediately give the users an idea of what the app might be about. Relevant titles can improve your ASO such as including a keyword in your app’s title that can help you rank at least 10% higher.

The Keyword Factor: The Apple App Store and Google Play deal with keywords in different ways as far as app rankings are concerned. With Apple, you get a total of only 100 keywords while Google Play allows for 4000 characters to work with. The most important keywords must be in your description in sufficient amount because cluttering it can lead to a fall in app ranking.

 Description Is Everything: In the app world, your app description is like a website’s landing page. Your description page within the app store must be seen as an important part of your ASO. Your description must contain the answers to questions such as: What does your app do, what problems it solves and how it will make the user’s life easier.

Perfect Previews: You can create a short 30-second long preview video for your app and feature it on your app page to highlight the app’s features. Over half of all video content is consumed on a mobile screen and a video can show in-app experiences to ensure that your app UX looks good.

Choose The Right Category: Putting your app in the suitable category on both the App Store and Google Play is helpful for both, users who browse apps by category and for ranking higher on the app stores. Pick a category that describes your app well and one that has the least competition to have a better chance of ranking to the top.

Your Icon Must Be Iconic: Your app icon is the first impression that your app makes on potential users. Visual cues are much more effective than text content and an interactive and eye-catching icon works best. It is a good idea to get your icon professionally designed to make sure that your icon is not similar looking compared to other apps in the same category.

Raves And Reviews: People trust other people and word of mouth is the best form of engagement in the virtual world. You can ask people to leave behind reviews of your app by sending them push notifications or in-app pop-ups. This can encourage users to leave back feedback on your app which is positive.

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