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7 Skills Needed To Market In The Modern World

7 Skills Needed To Market In The Modern World

Marketing is helpful, relevant and matters. It is a people’s process and engaging. With advancements in digital media and changing mindsets, a great marketer is one who acknowledges and recognizes customer needs and increases brand value.

Prioritize customer needs over company needs: It is easy to lose sight of the target customer while building a web presence and developing your products online. Too many people chase sales and revenue by purchasing ads and indulge into push marketing. However, making small changes in existing techniques, for example, following an approach wherein a brand educates the customers addressing a particular problem & adds value to their life by providing a solution results into subtle marketing of their products. This approach helps increase brand recall and customer retention.

Hosting high-quality webinars and live events: Your product or service holds value only as long as your customers fully understand what you’re selling. Setting up conversations with the audience through webinars and online event promotions provide for an opportunity for customers to be updated on and participate in your journey. This is the big picture and creates a compelling customer experience.

Audit and update your SEO frequently: If your service is great but isn’t reaching all the people it should, you’re in a soup. Experts recommend updating your search optimization once a quarter, after all, Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times annually. Identifying keywords that affect your online traction helps make you as a brand, discoverable and searchable.

Balancing innovation and scalability: This is very important as innovation is about failing fast while scalability has no scope for failure. As a marketer, you must strike a balance with both, exploring the unknown as well as exploiting the tried and tested. Questioning assumptions and leveraging them simultaneously will get you to the top.

Be a cheetah: Speed and agility are fast becoming the new marketing game. New customer touch points and personalized feeds form a part of integrated and connected data. Understanding systems and estimating results throughout the process determines how quickly a marketing team can do the work they’re asked to.

Get Social: By identifying the relevant network channels, you can target your posts and communicate strategically with the audience. Engaging with customers on social media and evaluating grievances will make you part of the complete narrative.

Stay in the loop: Marketing is dynamic and if done well, can help your organization be competitive and successful. Truly modern marketers must pay attention to the news, tech changes and industry growth to serve existing and potential customers.


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