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Digital marketing is at its peak and the race to be more visible and relevant is almost a never-ending one. Online advertising has emerged as the number one method of promoting goods and services. In such a competitive scenario, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the way towards sustaining a presence in the world of online advertising. Google and Facebook are the two most powerful digital marketing platforms that you need to get on if you are looking to establishing a more effective online presence.

In order to expand your customer base, Facebook’s news feed and Google’s search result pages are the ‘it’ places. With over a billion active users each month, you cannot afford to ignore these advertising trends. However, the long drawn battle between Facebook and Google Ads must be tread through carefully and you must know what your end goal is to fully benefit from the services.


Google is the number one search engine and it scores high on consumer trust. Potential customers who view a brand on Google Display Ads are more likely to do a detailed search on the said brand. Ads that are based on both photo and video content work better than simple displays. Considering the number of users and visibility ratio that Google boasts of, it is essential to make it your home ground.

By making optimal use of Google Ads, you can get a lot of varied data, most importantly, the competition for a particular keyword. Another interesting statistic is the bid range which can give you information on high and low bids, consequently, giving you an idea of what people are bidding on.


Facebook is one of the best platforms to build a brand, there are users of every age with a variety of interests in one place. This helps to reach out to all of them at once and convey your brand message. Reaching out to them, however, is the trick you’ll figure out right now!

Facebook helps you to strategize better with the help of the feature “Facebook lookalike audience” to look into your previous clients and sales records database and replicate your current audience so you know exactly who your potential customers are and reach out to them.

To attract one’s attention on social media, Images and Videos play a major role as compared to word-based advertising, but this often leaves businesses with the agitation of hiring a graphic designer to make these attractive adverts. But thanks to Canvas, anyone can make engaging images in mere seconds by simply using their ‘Facebook Ad template’.

These images are responsible for a 75-90% success rate of an ad campaign on Facebook, the better and more engaging the image and posts are, the more it’ll excite the user to click on it, but this has to be combined with the proper audience so as to get maximum user engagement as possible.

But wait… There’s more when both these gigantic companies provide you with plenty of benefits, why not use the best of both worlds.

  • Once your brand is reached to the potential audience on Facebook, whenever they’re looking for your product/service on Google and see your brand name, they’ll directly be able to correlate and will correspond to the sale of your product/service.
  • You could reverse the above strategy as well. Google provides you with real-time data about your audience and the use of parameters such as location, age, gender and a plethora of options provided by Google’s analytics to target them on Facebook.
  • Feedback from both campaigns can be used to improve the other and help you reach a wider as well as potentially double the impact on your audience.

At Digital Upstarts, we help you move cautiously into the world of online advertising and help you plan the best medium and route for you and your business! Connect with us at

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