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Enriching The Shopping experience with Digital Marketing

Enriching The Shopping experience with Digital Marketing

With the level of competition, it is getting harder to please customers. It is crucial to communicate with them through unique content. Fortunately, the rise of technology enables us to attract potential customers. Using concepts of virtual reality, location intelligence and live stream technologies, marketing campaigns can now enrich consumer experience.

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Shopping is not a single channel experience anymore; it begins with website browsing and ends with a review on a social media platform. With an augment in online purchasing, 64% of buyers said that a social media video helped them to make their purchase decision.

Consumers expect to receive a compatible experience whether they’re in a store, visiting a store, reading an email or engaging with mass media. Therefore, Omni-channel campaigns are inevitable in marketing now.

User engagement through targeted ads is a primary tool of digital marketing. Potential buyers can no longer spend time online without being exposed to ads that are tailored to their specific interests and purchasing habits.

Shopping itself has become a social interaction, thanks to the digital world. A conversation that was carried out in a physical store has now transitioned into dialogues over the Internet. The use of digital marketing allows for immediate access to customers’ experience and opinions on brand service and products.

Small businesses now have the ability to grow on a larger scale and reach highly-niche audiences at the same time. This digital leverage to access a large group of the target audience is a major advantage of online businesses.

Companies can now connect with customers via purchase and browsing history, interests and even location. Using this data, brands can target product suggestions and promotional deals for increased sales as well as repeat purchases.

Customer experience is enhanced when you show a ‘Welcome’ message on your website. Provisions such as allowing them to ‘try’ clothes or products without physically wearing them, or offering a 360-degree video for real-time experience helps buyers make a more informed purchase.

Direct contact is at its peak with over 46% of people saying they would rather contact a business through instant messaging services than email. This creative way of passing information lies in the form of either networking sites or personalized texts.

67% of consumers say that online reviews are absolutely important to their buying decisions while 45% of adults feel reading comments and feedback on mass media influenced their online shopping decisions.

Retail marketers need to integrate product visuals and testimonials with the power of digitalization through online channels for optimal consumer experience and performance.

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