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The Best Tips on Instagram Marketing for Brands

The Best Tips on Instagram Marketing for Brands

The Best Tips on Instagram Marketing for Brands

Since the creation of Instagram, the photo and video-sharing social networking service in 2010, people from the across the globe have been hooked to it.

As of 2018, the platform has roughly 1 billion active monthly users. India boasts of 71 million users per month and ranks second in the world in the ‘Leading countries based on the number of Instagram users.’

Instagram is perfect for any time and every day. People love the gram (as it is commonly referred to as) and scroll over their feeds almost twice in one hour.

However, if you’ve ever had to run an Instagram account for a brand, you might be familiar with the difficulties and challenge one can face to create high-quality and relevant content.

Here are some tips to get a one up on your Instagram marketing strategies:

Using the Right Instagram Tools:

If you haven’t already switched to a business profile on Instagram that is the first step.

Now you can use the free in-built tools that are provided by Instagram. These ‘Insights’ are analytical tools that provide information on statistics like impressions and engagement data. You can also get a more detailed breakdown of the demographics of your followers.

These tools are incredible because you can use them to understand the way in which users are interacting with your posts.

Product Teasers through Sponsored Ads:

All of us have come across ads on Instagram at least once on our feed.

These are sponsored ads which give you the control on the amount you want to spend on them. This is facilitated by setting an ad budget customized to your needs.

You can choose to showcase either one or multiple ads through which it helps you target your audience in a different way.

More and more brands are using this feature to increase their reach and growth rate. You can also turn your top posts into sponsored ads. You can choose from the photo, video, dynamic, stories, and stories canvas forms of ads.

Share Your Stories:

With the attention span of most Instagrammers reducing every minute, Stories are the perfect way to ensure they’re giving you a share of their time.

By making use of Instagram Stories, you can generate leads and enhance your brand’s online presence as they differ from regular posts.

Stories are technically nothing but snap that can be seen by users for a span of 24 hours. However, these Stories can be saved for later by creating ‘Highlights’ that are visible directly on your Instagram profile.

Stories are a great way of creating an interaction between your brand and audience as they can view your products in real time.

You can also tag different Instagram handles to further encourage engagement and diversity.

Collaborations for a Wider Reach:

The fastest way to reach potential customers on Instagram is through influencers, people who have already built an audience with a large following. These influencers work in several fields such as fashion, blogging, entertainment, fitness as well as gastronomy.

A large number of users look towards the feed of influencers to try and adopt their sense of living.

By collaborating with an influencer who can uplift your brand reach through sheer numbers, is a good way to expand your customer base.

Tracking the Accurate Metrics:

It is only natural to want to improve your performance on Instagram, which cannot be achieved without knowing how to optimize your page and posts.

There is a range of measurable results you can get your eyes on in the form of follower growth rate, engagement rates, and URL click-through rates.

Your follower growth rate is different from the total amount of followers you have. By evaluating the growth of your followers in relation to time, you can have a clear picture of whether your content is making a positive or negative impact.

Engagement rates include the likes and comments that users leave behind on your posts which are types of direct reviews of your content and products.

Instagram is dominating the social media side of businesses. With over a billion likes given out each day, there is no reason why you can’t take a share of them too.

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